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Our machine park contains a brand new KBA 160 offse...
Printing in China
Printing in China is still valuable. Just check out...
Printing is our specialty. We produce books, childr...
Our machine park contains a brand new KBA 160 offset machine which makes it able to print valuable pr...
Printing in China
Printing in China
Printing in China is still valuable. Just check out our services and see what we can do for you...
Printing is our specialty. We produce books, children books, packaging, shopping bags and more. Our p...
2014-07-09 14:36

Cardboard Box

Cardboard box production is also one of our specialties. Here is explained a little what a cardboard box exactly is and which boxes we can produce.

What is the basic material of a cardboard box?

Cardboard boxes are boxes made of stiff and thick carton mostly grey board. This grey board is rough material and can vary up to thickness in half a millimeter up to a half centimeter thick. The grey board is rough material which means the surface of the grey board is rough and not smoothen. It is possible to print on grey board but it's not day for two reasons. Reason one is the grey board is very thick so not all printing machines are able to process this material. Second the grey board does not allow high quality and color printing. Of course it's possible to print but the result will be very poor.

The use of the grey board.

The grey board is just used as the basic material to use as the basic layer of the cardbox box. It gives the box stiffness. Because the grey board is not very heavy in weight this weight will not increase a lot when grey board is used. When the layer must be very thick a corrugated layer might be considered.

How to assemble a cardboard box?

First the sheets are printed. These sheets are mostly 128 grams wooden free matte or glossy coated paper. This paper makes it possible to print high quality on the surface of this paper. All kind of options usually available in printing can be used here such as hot stamp printing, UV coating, spot UV coating, die cutting, embossing and combinations of glossy and matte laminations.

After the sheets are printed the sheet will be glued on top of the grey board. Mostly this is only done on the outside but for some boxes also the inside is finished with the printed sheets.

When the sheets are glued on the surface of the grey board the folding can be done. Mostly the grey board is not one part but separate parts. For example the sides are separate, the top is separate and the bottom is separate. The printed sheets is however one part and mounts these parts of the grey board together which makes it one part. The borders where the grey board it ending is now functioning as the folding part. The box can be folded the inside of the box is also mounted with paper for a part or completely an the finished cardboard box is a fact.

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